About Us

It all began in 1998 when a group of friends decided they were fed up with the clubs around their hometown, they were tired of driving hours away to hear good music, they believed they needed their own place to call home.  So instead of waiting for someone to do it for them, they created their own club night.  They would bring in the best talent from around the world to a dark dingy, smelly bar.  It was a huge success! Every Thursday night people would line up at the door, ready to dance the night away.  It would get so packed that sweat would be dripping from the ceiling!

Through their love of music, they created an awesome event, and it allowed them to become friends with many of the artists they brought in.  With the support of these artists, that collective is now SEVEN Records.

The premise behind everything that SEVEN Records endeavors, is to spread GREAT music! Music is the blood that keeps our bodies alive; we wake to it, we breath it, we live it! With every release we try to spread that same love and joy re-creating that feeling when HOUSE MUSIC first entered your life. We spend countless hours listening to music, searching for a new artist that has yet to be discovered or an up and coming artist that has somehow been missed. SEVEN Records is on the cutting edge of underground House Music.

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